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112. Dedicated to the Vibe: How Cleveland Vibes’ Kaitie Nickel Built the City’s Top Instagram Account

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I’m SO pumped to share this episode with you! I had the pleasure of hosting the brilliant Kaitie Nickel in studio (a.k.a. the creative mind behind Cleveland Vibes.)

We had an engaging conversation about our shared love for Cleveland, the power of local businesses and the unique bond we share as mom entrepreneurs.


Here are some highlights from our conversation:

Cleveland: A Love Story 

Kaitie, originally not from Cleveland, moved to the city seven years ago and fell head over heels for it. Her husband, a Cleveland native, had always spoken raved about it, but it wasn’t until she experienced it herself that she truly understood what we’re all about.

Kaitie saw the untapped potential and the disconnect between the national perception and the reality of Cleveland. This inspired her to create Cleveland Vibes, a platform highlighting local businesses and all that makes Cleveland so special.

The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster:

Kaitie and I chatted about our journey into entrepreneurship and motherhood… and what a pivot that is. We candidly shared how we’re transitioning from focusing on our own needs to prioritizing our family and business. It’s a constant balancing act, but Kaitie has found that having her husband, Kyle, join the team has been a huge help.

Widening Your Businesses Lens:

Kaitie had a mic drop moment when she shared how she always knew this platform needed more voices. That she could never “share the full picture of Cleveland on her own.” She believes in the importance of having multiple perspectives to truly represent our city. That’s why she’s grown Cleveland Vibes into a diverse team, not just including her husband and brother, but other fresh voices to help grow the business too.

Instagram Magic:

Kaitie shared some valuable BTS insights on how she’s created content that goes viral. My biggest takeaway: the power of storytelling to create truly engaging Reels.

BTS: Future Plans:

Kaitie even shared a sneak peek on the newest arm of their business… a way to help local business and content creators grow with ease.

This conversation is filled with passion, inspiration, and a shared love for our city- you’re going to love it!



Transition to Cleveland [00:02:45]

Kaitie shares her transition to Cleveland and her love for the city, highlighting its potential and the opportunities it offers.

The Birth of Cleveland Vibes [00:04:34] 

Kaitie talks about how Cleveland Vibes started as a IG to convince her family and friends to come visit her, but it quickly gained traction around town and turned into a dream venture.

The Cleveland Vibe [00:06:23] 

Kaitie and I discuss the unique vibe and mentality of Clevelanders, emphasizing our kindness, warmth, and welcoming nature.

The shift in priorities [00:08:08] 

Kaitie and I then share the significant changes that come from becoming a parent and how out priorities shifted both in business and in life.

Finding balance as a working mom [00:10:01] 

Kaitie and I candidly share our struggle to find balance between our businesses and being moms, expressing the challenges of feeling successful in both roles.

The journey of team building [00:16:30] 

Kaitie shares her experience of growing a team and the importance of having diverse voices and perspectives in your brand.

The organic growth of the brand [00:24:13] 

Kaitie talks about how her brand has evolved over time, starting as just an Instagram page and growing into a website, apparel, and social media management for other brands.

Reels growth, trending audios and creating it all on your iPhone [00:30:27]

Kaitie shares her tips for creating content that goes viral with the tools you already have.


Learn more about Kaitie + Cleveland Vibes:



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In this episode, we hear mompreneur, Kaitie Nickel's story - the mastermind behind the successful 'Cleveland Vibes' Instagram.
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