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The Truth Behind Leaving my 10 Year Styling Career…. and What I’m Up to Now

The Style Foundry to The Mompreneur Guide

If you’ve been following along for a while you may have noticed some major changes in my business and if you’re new here- welcome! Check out my Facebook Live above to see what’s going on, what I’ve been up to and what you can expect from me moving forward.

My Maternity Leave Was Eye-Opening

While on maternity with our daughter Sophia, getting in those precious baby snuggles as she is our last, I had a lot of time to think and reflect on my business. I started and grew my business as a personal stylist for 10 whole years?! And honestly I started it because I wanted to be there for my kids. Growing up not only in a family of entrepreneurs, but most notably a child of a Mompreneur, I was able to see the freedom that entrepreneurship offers.

The freedom to pick your kids up from school, show your kids what a strong work ethic looks like (and allow them to put in some hours too), and ultimately feel included and around you even if you’re also being productive. It was an amazing way to grow up and something I always knew I wanted for my kids too.

So I started my business in high school. People had always said I had an eye for fashion so I was encouraged to go after it, turn it into a career and do something productive with my time. And that’s exactly what I did. I grew my business for 10 years in the hopes that it would be my first born (and fully grown and independent baby) before my kids were born. So that I could have that gold mine of FREEDOM- with my time, financially, and creatively- when they arrived.

When theory turns into reality

Then my kids actually came along and that theory turned into reality. My life path had been charted for me because I had a natural gift for styling but after reassessing everything, as I think is most of us did during this pandemic, I had to think about the fulfillment I really wanted. I could hear a little voice in my head saying “this has been great but it’s time for something different, something more.” So I did a lot of journaling, deep-diving and thinking around who I am, what I want, what makes me tick and what I really want to be doing after Sophia’s born. The kids are going to grow up and become more and more independent and need me in different ways. I want to have something for myself, a way to help people, to be creative, to contribute to my family and to feel fulfilled in other aspects of my life too.

That’s when it hit me….

And that’s when it hit me: My mission in life is being and supporting Mompreneurs. I was raised by a Mompreneur, I know what life is like on both sides. Unlike most business owners I didn’t start my styling business because I struggled with styling myself- I started it because I wanted to be around for my kids and to have FREEDOM. Heck- my college degree is literally in ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

I was born to be your guide in Mompreneurship. To help mom entrepreneurs navigate this crazy but amazing lifestyle with strategies, community and self-care. (I’m an 2w3 Enneagram- Helllloooo helper! I live to help others!)


And the biggest thing with that is really figuring out your time.

Helping Mompreneurs best use their time so that we’re being creative, we’re contributing and we’re getting to see all those precious moments. Because, as you know, time with our kids is not a renewable resource and oh so fleeting. They go from wanting all your snuggles and your hugs to being less and less dependent on you and needing you in different ways. That’s why I left my styling career of 10 years. To help fellow mompreneurs let their kids live the way I grew up. To create a business like I am, with Time Freedom that allows you to get in the office, do the things you want and need to do, make your impact, feel fulfilled creatively and then get back to your kids, those snuggles and all the laughter and craziness.


That’s what I’m doing now. Guiding Momprenerus through time saving strategies in a community of business besties who get it while making sure they have time for self-care.

Because those are the three pillars to Time Freedom:

  1. STRATEGY: The combination of a good schedule and repeatable formula to go back to for spacious days.
  2. COMMUNITY: To keep you accountable, support you, help you grow and keep you up to date with new ideas and insights… it takes a village- we can’t do it alone!
  3. SELF-CARE: Because you’ve got to fill up your own cup to be the best mom and business owner you can be.


And the two ways I’m helping Mompreneurs add hours back to their day through strategy, community and self-care are:

  2. Mompreneur Membership
  3. Mompreneur Mastermind

If you’re a Mom entreprenuer, and you’ve been not only dealing with everything in COVID, but also just the challenges owning your own business as a mom brings, I’m sure you’re ready to:

  1. Get out there
  2. To talk with some other moms
  3. To turn off Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or whatever show your kids are watching at whatever age you’re at
  4. And to be able to collaborate and communicate with like-minded women

If that’s you and you’re ready for a new schedule that’s flexible and ebbs and flows with your life. That’s not rigid but will give you specific work time, Mom time and Me time. Then you’re in the right place!

P.S. Not a Mompreneur but know of one this would be perfect for? I’d so appreciate if you shared this with them.

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