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I’ve Been Off Instagram for 3 Months and My Business Is Still Growing

We’re off Instagram, and have been for 3 months. Here’s what I’ve been doing instead to grow our business.

We've been off Instagram for 3 months, and here's how it's going:

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In hindsight, this experience has showed me how much I was relying on one platform to bring in all of my business. My mindset (that I’d guess has been ingrained in you too) was that if I focused on “consistently” making all of my marketing content in that one space, then I would see results.

The biggest thing I’ve come to recognize (and literally see in the sales this last month) is that my success has not been from one thing- it’s been from a mix.

And that honestly feels like such a relief…. that I don’t have to put all my eggs in one basket, especially if it’s draining me and I’m not seeing real results. Before I’d feel like I’m out of luck and have wasted my time but now I feel so much calmer and like when one thing isn’t working I can pull a different lever.

Even though, I’m doing multiple things and “a lot” of things, each of them are reaping me different rewards. And each activity is happening with a different intention behind it.

I don’t think I would have seen this if I didn’t leave Instagram, reassess how I wanted to show up and share about my business ….. and really what the point of it all is.

For example, some platforms, I’m using solely for awareness- so that people know the studio exists (LinkedIn + Instagram Ads). Some of them I’m using to nurture and deepen the connections I’ve made (blogspodcasting, networking, retargeting ads.) And some of them are just long term activities for my passive income strategy (something I plan on focusing on when the studio is completely at capacity- SubstackPinterest + Youtube.)

While I didn’t necessarily start on each platform with those whys, this month I’ve noticed this natural intention immerge which explains why showing up in all of these places feels easy. Each platform has a specific job and that makes taking action and assessing their “success” easier. (Plus a huge shoutout to our teammate Spring who helps make so much of this possible on my 10ish hour/week schedule.)

Seasonal shifts and new things we're trying

I’ll have those stats next month- it’ll have to be a tune in next time situation.

Now that we’re getting into summer, I’ve noticed how seasonal I am in the way I live my life. Come October- I’m hibernating. I don’t want to be out and about. I don’t want to be chatty. I want to go away and sometimes work on a creative project or just rest.

But now that spring has come and we’re really getting into summer, I’m noticing that I’m drawn to a little more visibility. I’m blooming if you will.

Last August, when we opened our studio, I felt that same urge and (summertime) energy for a big PR push. I got on local stations, in magazines, and on a bunch of local Instagram accounts. I did all of this in one foul swoop and I’m still seeing benefits from that effort six plus months later. And I feel like I stand at this place now- craving and ready for it again.

I’m also noticing that views are down across all channels, which makes sense, seasonally right? So I was excited and surprised when the seasonal drive I’ve felt matched up with where everyone is at too. I now feel pulled to spread awareness- offline.

So before I head into the stats from last month, here’s what I’ve been working on based on those results.

Direct Mailers

Direct mailers are another way to meet people where they’re actually at.

What started out as: how do we leave no stone unturned in letting Cleveland know we exist? Has now also answered the question, if you’re not on social or your phone as much, especially in the summertime, how can I still let you know that we’re here?

I’m excited to see how this goes. I plan on posting these postcards on coffee shop bulletins too.

Blog posts for each way we’re supporting clients

Since viewing our studio as an “Airbnb for businesses” we’ve seen a surge in unique uses for renting our space.

This month alone we’ve seen rentals for:

We’ve also found that when people come to our website, they gravitate towards our blog to better understand how to use the studio.

So with that in mind, we decided to create specific posts for each creative way to book our space. Not only do they paint a picture showing what it would look like to “work with us,” but it’s also a great reference tool when we’re explaining an idea to a potential customer too.

Pair that with our Pinterest, SEO and LinkedIn strategy and now we’ve juiced our one effort for more visibility but also become more discoverable for those who are looking for what we do.

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