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37. Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? with Alissa Boyer

Alissa Boyer is a Mentor for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths. She founded the Highly Sensitive & Soulful Membership where she helps other HSPs and Empaths learn how to reduce overwhelm, manage their energy, and love who they are.

I came across Alissa through Cathy Heller’s IG and was hooked. I have always recognized that I am more empathetic and sensitive so hearing about HSP immediately resonated. But even more than that- I recognize my same traits in my son. Hearing Alissa talk about uncovering who you truly are and going a layer deeper than we’ve ever realized before blew my mind and felt so aligned at the same time which is why I knew I had to share her with you.

Maybe you’re an HSP or an empath? Maybe not- but I do believe being armed with this information will help you uncover more of who you are, live a more aligned life and hopefully recognize and support the HSPs and empaths around you.


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