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51. Auditing Your Offers with Suz Conley

It’s IG Live Replay Thursday where you get to tune into an amazing live right here on the podcast. Today we’re chatting with Suz Conley.

She posed a great question: Are you in LOVE with the work you do? When was the last time you checked in on your alignment with your biz?🤔

And that’s why @suz.conley joined us on live today! To share:
✨ Why it’s ok(and necessary) to pivot in your biz
✨ How doing a dive into your offers or getting another set of eyes on them can help you work through current struggles
✨ How to ensure you’re doing what YOU want to do- not what everyone else is doing or telling you to do

My favorite takeaway:
You always need to sell with ENTHUSIASM- so you need to audit and tweak so you ARE enthusiastic about what you’re doing 😍

Tune in to hear all of Suz’s golden nuggets and then head to her profile for help auditing your biz 👍🏻


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