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61. Why Sisterhood is the Secret to Life-Changing Growth- Mini-Series with Steph Trzaska

Are you a fan of sisterhood? 🤔

Do you believe that when we link arms- we go further together?💪🏻

That’s the conversation @stephanie.trzaska and I are having today 😍

We’re actually making it a mini-series because it’s so important to us 🔥

So join the conversation and learn:
✨ why our focus is on sisterhood
✨ how we’re supporting that mission
✨ and how you can too

P.S. Steph mentioned her upcoming Root + Rise Retreat which…. I’ll be at 😍 She’s got ONE spot left and… selfishly I’d love for you to join so we can hang out and expand together

Head here to learn more about the Root + Rise Retreat.

P.P.S. Have you heard about our upcoming retreat too? 🌿

It’s called CONNECT and is a place where mompreneurs uplevel into the self-assured woman she knows she’s meant to be.🔥

Not only will you connect with other mompreneurs (including Steph who will be there!) but you’ll also connect deeper with yourself and understand how to connect with your ideal community too.🤯

It’s July 13th-15th in my hometown of Chagrin Falls, OH and I can’t wait to show you around and introduce you to my family😍

🚨 ONLY 1 IN-PERSON SEAT LEFT- Virtual Tickets now available!🚨


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