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111. The Vitrolite Building’s Epic Transformation From Historic Landmark to Mom-Friendly Oasis

The Vitrolite Building Andria Loczi + Anne Harnett

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Today’s episode is an inspiring conversation with two extraordinary women, Andria Loczi and Anne Hartnett. They are the founders of Harness Collective (a commercial real estate and business consulting firm for brick and mortar businesses), the Vitrolite Building (an 18,000 sqft neighborhood space for local makers, professionals and families in the heart of Hingetown) and Harness Cycle.

The Vitrolite Building Transformation

These ladies have breathed new life into the historic Vitrolite Building- a space formerly closed to the public that was breaking up a newly vibrant section of Ohio City. However now it’s nothing short of lively. They’ve transformed it into a wellness-focused space that not only supports other local businesses (like Patron Saint– an all day Italian Inspired Cafe, the Momprenuer owned Soul Yoga Studio, and the brand that started it all- Harness Cycle) but does it with moms and families in mind.

I had the privilege of hearing Andria and Anne’s rollercoaster journey in bringing this building to life. It’s not only one we can all relate to (filled with synchronicities, growth and a deep conviction in their vision) but it’s also one we can learn a lot from too.

Specifically we chatted through:

  • Expanding a business amidst the pandemic
  • Finding strength in partnership
  • and, of course, striking a flow between biz + mom life

If you haven’t visited the Vitrolite yet… you need to get yourself there ASAP! And if you have- then you know just how special this conversation is.

A true testament to the incredible things that happen when we, as women and mothers, harness our potential and work towards our goals.


Introduction to Andria’s Entrepreneurial Journey [00:03:23]

Andria shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur, her involvement in an online magazine business and after being a long time Harness Cycle rider and then instructor- eventually partnering with Anne.

Introduction to Anne’s Entrepreneurial Journey [00:07:08] 

Anne shares her journey as an entrepreneur, starting with the creation of Harness Cycle and the birth of her children.

The importance of vision and values [00:10:55] 

Discussion on the significance of having a clear vision and shared values in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship and balancing personal and professional life.

Trusting the process and following intuition [00:14:28] 

Exploration of the role of trusting the process and making decisions based on gut feelings, even in the face of uncertainty and chaos.

Finding a CEO and partnership [00:18:11] 

Golden Nugget Spot- Anne shares a story of how her mentor suggested finding a COO for Harness Cycle business, leading to the realization that the perfect candidate was already within her community- “you already know your next COO.”

The “Unique Moment in Time”


The ladies discuss the unique moment when they realized they wanted to work together and pursue a bigger vision for their business.

The Pause and Structure


The pandemic caused a pause in their plans, giving them time to put more structure behind their aspirations before moving forward.

The Vision and Conviction


Anne + Andria talk about their vision for the Vitrolite, an historic building in the Ohio City neighborhood, and how their conviction and belief in the vision propelled them forward.

The vision for Harness Cycle


Anne shared the vision for Harness Cycle and the process of acquiring a building for their business.

Revisiting the guiding compass


We shared our joint agreement in the importance of revisiting your guiding compass and defining your purpose, vision, values, and beliefs.

The role of vision in entrepreneurship


The significance of revisiting and staying true to their vision, and how it affects their work and life as entrepreneurs and mothers.

The Vitrolight and its tenants [00:37:08]

Anne describes the Vitrolite building and its current operational status, including tenants such as Harness Cycle, Patron Saint, and Soul Yoga.

Community development and the vision of Harness Collective


Anne discusses the mission of Harness Collective to support emerging brick and mortar entrepreneurs and create paths to equity in commercial real estate ownership.

Taking a pause and focusing on the big vision


The ladies share the importance of taking a break, reflecting, and being intentional in order to stay true to their vision and make strategic decisions.

Clarity and Core Desired Feelings


I discussed the concept of core desired feelings and the struggle to find clarity in their life and work.

Opportunities and Expansion [00:47:12] 

Andria talks about the opportunities for growth and impact in their neighborhood and beyond, expressing excitement for the future.

Learn more about The Vitrolite and Harness Collective:



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