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110. Embracing Life Without Labels: How Shari Hunter’s Love is Transforming Cleveland’s Workforce through Inclusion + Integration

Shari Hunter + Derek Hunter of Two & Company

In this inspiring episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with Shari Hunter of Two & Company, a family-run, mission-driven company based right here in Chagrin Falls, OH. Let me tell you…. her story is truly inspiring.

Meet Shari Hunter

Shari’s journey as a mom and entrepreneur started with a love for her son, Derek, and a mission to make sure his medical diagnosis of Downs Syndrome never defined who he is. In supporting Derek, Shari realized there are so many other amazing men and women in our community who are looking for the same encouragement, support, inclusion and equity that she offered her son.

Enter, Two & Company, where Shari and her team (including her 3 kids: Derek, Tiffany and Christian) not only run a cafe and boutique but use those spaces as job training grounds for those they serve. Through job readiness programs, Two & Company helps their graduates learn new skills, uncover their passions and then, through their partnerships with over 80 companies here in Cleveland, finds them a job they’ll love- kickstarting their independence journey.

During our conversation, we specifically dove into:

  • the power of inclusivity,
  • the significance of hands-on learning
  • and the results they’ve seen when pairing these together

Shari believes that everyone deserves to be seen for who they truly are, beyond any labels or limitations. Her vision for The Two is all about building a community that embraces diversity and celebrates the unique strengths of each individual.


Shari’s emphasis on the importance of building a killer team. She knows that we all have our own unique strengths and talents, and when we come together, we can achieve incredible things. It’s a reminder to recognize and embrace our own abilities, and to support and uplift those around us.


Mom Partnership and Mission-Based Company [00:01:12] 

Shari discusses her journey as a mom entrepreneur and the mission behind her company, which aims to provide opportunities for individuals of all abilities in the workforce.

Inclusivity and Belonging [00:04:41] 

She emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and belonging for individuals with all abilities, sharing her personal experiences and the goals of The Two.

The vision, purpose, and mission [00:09:21] 

Shari discusses her goal for herself, her children and those they serve to live a purposeful life and the importance of attaching meaning to everything.

Creating opportunities for growth and success [00:12:11] 

She explains how The Two helps individuals discover their dreams and goals, and provides them with opportunities to try different jobs and find their sweet spot. She also mentions the success of their graduates in changing minds and opening eyes within hiring companies.

Expanding the brand and creating a flagship location [00:15:51] 

Shari shares her excitement about purchasing a building for The Two’s flagship location, where they plan to inspire others to open similar places. She talks about the vision for the new location, including scratch-made food, an adaptive playground, and spaces for seminars and conferences.

Discovering Your Superpowers [00:18:51] 

We discussed how to identify your own superpower and utilizing those in entrepreneurship as well as witnessing them in others.

Building a Team [00:24:41] 

Shari gave some quick tips about the importance of having a supportive team and the process of hiring and growing a team in a business.

Viewing the business as a separate entity [00:27:27] 

Shari also dropped a major golden nugget when she shared how she views her business as its own entity, separate from herself as the business owner, and explained the importance of considering what the business can handle.

Ways to support Two & Company [00:29:04] 

Shari explains three ways to support The Two: visiting the restaurant and shop, partnering with them as a business, and donating to their capital campaign.

Together, we can make a difference and create a world where everyone has equal opportunities.

So, let’s join forces and be a part of something amazing. Let’s support The Two and help build a community where everyone is valued and empowered.

Learn more about Two & Company:



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