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73. How Client Gifting Can Increase Your Revenue with Emma Jo Wassink

Show of hands 🙋🏼‍♀️ WHO’S A CLIENT GIFTER?

If you’re not…. you should consider it because it’s the best-kept lead-gen secret for those raved-about businesses you love✨

I know it might seem like an extra to do list item and that you’re unsure of the ROI on that 🤔 But trust me… Emma Jo will show you why it’s one of the BEST investments you can make in your business!

(AND she’s offering 10% off for our listeners to help you take the leap! Just use code MOMPRENEUR10 at checkout here)

Not only that but @emmajoandcompany will share:
1️⃣ How Gifting Can Change Your Biz
2️⃣ 3 things you don’t want to forget to include in the gift
3️⃣ And when the best time to send them is 🔥

Fun fact: I used to work at Nordstrom so client experience means everything to me 🎉

I’m just as pumped for this episode as you are!😍

NOW TELL US IN THE COMMENTS HERE- what do you do for gifting?
✨ Already working with a great company?
✨ DIY them yourself
✨ Looking for a more efficient way to send gifts


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