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Episode #21: Decluttering with Courtney Florey

Courtney Florey is a decluttering expert, a wife, dog mom and a friend to many. She’s passionate about helping busy moms declutter their homes, so they can focus on what really matters to them (because she knows for sure that cleaning the house isn’t on that list).

Making things simple is what Courtney does best. (… she lived in a tiny house- need I say more about her qualifications in this space?!) One of her deepest desires is to help you build a home that you love, and a life that you’re immensely proud of. And the best part is – together with Courtney, you can accomplish just that.

As an adamant simplifier myself (mind you my past personal styling business was based around closet cleanses) I’ve always believed the phrase that “When you’re overwhelmed and stressed the answer is almost always less.” So I knew I wanted to have an expert hop on to share how simplifying our mompreneur lives can help us be more present and productive (and the mental load that can subconsciously lift off of us.) So I was so excited when my new business bestie Sam from Episode #17 introduced me to Courtney. And Courtney I am SO honored that you agreed to join us!


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