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Episode #10: Design a Functional Home Office with Suzanne Harvey

Suzanne Harvey is the owner and lead interior designer at Suzanne M. Harvey Designs. Not only is she a wife to her husband Brian of 21 years, a mom to both her 10 year old son and 2 year old bulldog puppy but she’s also been rocking this mom entrepreneur life for the past 9 years. Suzanne specializes in designing rooms that are both beautiful and full functional- which as we all know as mom’s…. is a must have!

When I was putting the podcast line up together I knew I wanted to have someone on to talk about creating spaces for US- oasis’ as I call them because that was part of my journey that helped me mompreneur with a little more ease. Suzanne was the first person that came to mind to help us with this task.


  1. Suzanne M. Harvey Virtual Interior Design Services
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