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109. How Two Cleveland Mompreneurs Launched Their Business Amidst Uncertainty

photo of Cleveland Mompreneurs Sarah Filipovitz + Ellen Velez FlipFort

Featured Cleveland Mompreneurs Ellen Velez and Sarah Filipovitz

In this episode, I had the chance to sit down with Ellen Velez and Sarah Filipovitz from Flipfort in our FIRST in-studio interview- kicking off our Cleveland Mompreneurs Season. These amazing ladies are not only Cleveland moms but also insanely creative entrepreneurs.

I loved chatting about:

  • the wild ride of launching a business during a pandemic
  • what it’s like finding the right business partner
  • and, of course, the struggles of finding that “perfect” balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship

My favorite thing about Ellen and Sarah is: how they leverage the power of support and community to grow their business in such unique ways. From reaching out to others for guidance to cultivating their own tribe through relationship building to leaning on local Cleveland Business Incubators like MAGNET– they shared that: “It’s all about having that network of people who have your back and can cheer you on through the ups and downs.”

If you’re a mompreneur who’s looking to connect with women who just GET you and what you’re going through- then this chat we had is for YOU!


Introductions and Backgrounds [00:02:01]
Introduction of Ellen Velez and Sarah Filipovitz, their roles as moms and entrepreneurs, and their experiences with launching businesses during the pandemic.

The journey of becoming partners [00:08:54]
Sarah + Ellen discuss how they became partners, their journey so far, and the importance of seeking advice from others.

The importance of finding support [00:10:10]
Sarah, Ellen and Megan talk about the need for support in both mom life and entrepreneur life, and the challenge of finding a supportive community.

Starting a business during a pandemic [00:13:48]
Sarah + Ellen share their decision to start a business together, the challenges they faced during the pandemic, and their desire to make a positive impact in their community.

The idea and conviction [00:17:55]
Megan discusses the importance of having conviction and vision in your business and how it drives you forward.

Trusting your gut and adapting [00:21:44]
Collectively, Megan, Sarah + Ellen talk about the importance of trusting your instincts, being open to change, and not letting ego get in the way of making necessary adjustments.

Challenges and timeline [00:23:26]
Sarah + Ellen dive into the timeline of their business idea, the challenges of surviving and managing their businesses and personal lives during the pandemic and the impact the pandemic had on their manufacturing.

Working with Magnet [00:29:07]
Sarah + Ellen talk about their collaboration with Magnet, a nonprofit organization that provides support and resources to encourage more manufacturing startups and entrepreneurs here in Cleveland.

The next steps for FlipFort [00:31:50]
Sarah + Ellen discuss their plans to expand their business, including social media marketing, approaching shops for wholesale, and getting their products on Amazon.

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Cleveland mompreneurs Ellen Velez and Sarah Filipovitz from Flipfort
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