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36. Growing your Audience Through Idea Pins with Cathy Heflin

Cathy Heflin is a Pinterest Marketing Expert and Strategist who has a passion for helping make Pinterest Marketing EASY for her clients. She launched her Pinterest consulting business after personally experiencing how powerful this tool was as a traffic driver to her own blog and online shop.

Now she merges her up to date knowledge on Pinterst’s current best practices with her first-hand experience and proven strategy to help clients increase their reach and influence in a simple way….. Which you know I’m all about

Cathy and I met through Lisa (from episode #28) raving review of Cathy and the work she does! Lisa personally has seen Pinterest become the #1 traffic driver to her site without spending crazy money on tons of ads or dealing with tailwind pins. When I heard all this I knew I had to bring this new simple marketing strategy into your world and learn more.


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