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102. Synching Your Heart + Mind for Freedom + Success with Mesha McKittrick

Have you heard of Heart Math 🤔

I hadn’t until @myfriendmesha shared the amazing work she’s doing 🤯

Mesha is a Mind & Heart Coach and creator of the podcast, Mindset Check. Her passion is teaching people that they have more power than they think they do. She believes that what matters in life is NOT what happens, what matters is what you THINK about what happens.

Mesha has been married to her boyfriend for 23 years. She has 3 boys and an angel girl and she absolutely adores being their mom. She geeks out about the brain, quantum physics, heart intelligence and loves to learn endlessly about these topics. 

In this part Business Chat + part Mom Chat and we got really honest…

Mesha shared how: 

  • We get our heart and mind to sync up so we’re more in flow and at ease
  • The benefits of listening to your heart (not only for yourself but for others too)
  • And of course all things Heart Math

If you’re a mompreneur who’s craving more connection with herself then this chat we had is for YOU!

Learn more about Mesha:



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