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42. How to Create a Movement (for Mompreneurs)

How to start a movement in your business


It’s time to stop playing small 💪🏻 ….. It’s time to shine 🤩

  • We need your presence 💕
  • We need your perspective 🎙
  • We need the space only YOU can hold 🫂
  • What we really need more in the world is YOU 🫵 just as you are!

So I’m throwing up the bat signal🔥

Let’s all link arms and UPLEVEL…. Together 👯‍♀️

In this episode I share:

  • What a movement truly is
  • Why it’s a non-negotiable in your biz
  • And how Mompreneurs can create one

AND On May 17th I’m hosting a Movement Mapping Party 🎉

The container of women alone is worth coming for:

  • 🔥 they’re high vibe
  • 🔥 they’re ready to spread their movement
  • 🔥 and they’re looking to do it in the simplest (most sustainable way possible)

And with my Simple Stacking System that naturally builds your authority on your terms- we’re going to do exactly that 🎉

Click here to snag your seat (+ the replay) 👆🏻

Then comment here and let me know you’re coming! We want to cheer you on (and check out the movement you’re creating!)

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