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40. Increase Your Revenue Selling Printables with Julie Berninger

Julie Berninger is a toddler mom, advocate for financially independent women and former corporate tech professional turned serial entrepreneur. Through her business, Gold City Ventures, Julie is on a mission to help women replace burnout and endless meetings with freedom and flexibility online…. In a way you might not thought of before- selling printables online!

When Julie first approached me about sharing her printable coaching process with you ladies I honestly wasn’t sure how it would fit?

👍🏻We already have our businesses up and running

🥵We have a lot on our plates

😳 We don’t need to complicate our businesses any more

But then she explained:

😍How printables can be created with content you already have

🤩How they can diversify (+ increase) your revenue in a scalable way

🥳How they could be that perfect stepping stone offer to sell your other services

Anndddd that’s when I knew I had to share this information with you! Her IG live was amazing and just scratched the surface on all we can do to grow an additional income stream with printables- So I’m so excited to have her here on the podcast to dive in deeper.


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