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115. Kristen Thalman’s Must-Have Tool for Empowered Decision-Making

Kristen Thalman

Tune in on your favorite player:

Chagrin Falls local Kristen Thalman is in studio this week! We talked a little business, then we hit on a topic that flowed so naturally into an open and honest “mom talk” conversation — intuition. We got philosophical about what it means to be our own highest authorities in our businesses and in our lives. Plus we dove into how we’ve become so much more aware of the how we do our work and how we use our words as our kids have become our audiences, watching and learning from our every move.

About Kristen Thalman

Kristen coaches women in real estate using the lessons she’s learned from decades of being an agent herself. She recognized how common it was in her industry to feel constantly overwhelmed from trying to do everything and saying yes to as many opportunities as possible. So her approach in her Advanced Agent Academy is simple: let’s find your own clear, simple path to earning and maintaining business. Just one! And watch how things grow when you can pour your focus and energy into one thing instead of ALL the things.


Here are some highlights from our conversation:

[01:40] Learning to be present for family and for work

Kristen takes us through how she handled be on-call for her real estate clients 7 days a week when she was single vs. once her family and kids were in the picture. And how her perspective on work has changed now that her kids can see and understand what she does. We get into the challenges and rewards of being present for family and present for kids, feeling the pressure of needing to do it all, recognizing when we’re the ones creating that pressure for ourselves, and sharing the loads with our partners.

[11:06] Kristen’s shift into coaching, how she methodically scaled down then built back up

Kristen tells us about how she responded to getting totally burnt out in early 2020. Her approach: “I’m taking things down to the bare minimum, then choosing what I allow back in as I rebuild.” She said it took her by surprise how empowering it felt to realize she was in control of what she wanted to build and what she wanted to be.

Her method was dead simple for what she allowed back into her work world: take no-brainer customers (short drives, past clients) and refer all others.

She also mixed things up from her usual real estate agent work and started her own business, piloting several varieties of coaching. Ultimately the one that lit her up most was what she knew best: coaching women in real estate.

[19:03] Making her three-year plan, owning when it changes, and trusting her intuition

“I revisit my three-year plan often. I probably make a change every six months.” The over-arching mission and vision stay steady, the tactics to get there sometimes need some course-correcting — and that’s okay, Kristen says. She talks about replacing her guilty feelings with the empowered feeling of “I made a decision.” And if a decision doesn’t pan out, replacing her second-guessing with the empowered feeling of “the action I took was not wrong. I took an action, I got feedback, and I decided on the next action.”

[27:05] Modeling behaviors for our kids

We wrap up our time in the studio talking about the beautiful opportunity we have as mompreneurs to show our favorite character traits in action and be role models for our kids.

Learn more about Kristen:

  • Kristen’s Website. Even if you aren’t in the real estate biz, give this a peek! We love how she outlined her clients’ pain points and their dream outcomes
  • Follow Kristen on IG: @kristen_thalman


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