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54. A Lesson for Collin in Less Tweaking and More Sharing

Have you watched our Mompreneur Guide Mondays yet? If not- we’ve got you covered! Get up to speed on what they’re all about and what we’re talking about this week!

Lots of excitement happening over here:

✨ Invited a few amazing women into our Founding Affiliate Program

✨ Added a VIRTUAL TICKET for those who can’t be in-person at the CONNECT Retreat (which includes a 1-on-1 session with me)

✨ Reconnected with local mompreneurs to help with retreat details

✨ And spiffed up the Repeatable Podcasting Framework Guide for the VIP Bundle Purchasers at @secretsofsupermom’s summit this week 😍

Click here if you want to check out the Supermom Bundle!

Head here for retreat info 👆🏻

And COMMENT here with what you’re up to this week so we can keep you accountable 🎉


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