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Episode #13: Market Less. Sell More. with Michelle Terpstra

Michelle Terpstra is a master sales coach and mentor who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible offers and sell with ease. Through her premier online sales school, the Sales Success Lab, Michelle helps business owners craft a stress free sales system that works for YOU all while freeing up more time to do the things you love. Michelle is on a mission to help entrepreneurs fall in love with selling, enjoy being visible and cultivate a group of raving clients that build both your business and your bank account.

Michelle is the coach I mentioned who helped me transition from my styling business to The Mompreneur Guide. And the #1 lesson she’s taught me, that I knew I HAD to share with you is: there is no one right way. No one size fits all way to market and sell in your business. Which I LOVE- I’m sure we’ll get into it but I am not a fan of the “my one way or the highway” sales strategies out there so today’s conversation will be a breath of fresh air. Michelle’s going to teach us how to find the marketing path that’s right for you so you’re not doing ALLLLL the sales activities but just the high impact ones that will provide YOU with the best ROI.


    • Before she started her business Michelle spent 2 months simply listening to people in Facebook groups and online so she could answer the question:
      • How can I be valuable?
    • Once she started to understand what was going on in the market, how people needed her help and where that need aligned with her skills and passions she spent 30-45 days hosting trainings, sharing her knowledge and giving immense value to her Facebook group BEFORE SHE MADE AN OFFER.
  3. SALES
    • At this point she knew:
      • WHO her Ideal Client Avatar was
      • WHAT their pain points were
      • HOW she could help them
    • So she then focused on her offer and conversion method: what she would sell and how she would convert that person from interested to a sale
    • After all of this was said and done Michelle finally looked at her marketing and chose her Lead Generation Method (i.e. showing up on Facebook, Instagram, Podcasting etc.)
    • This order worked so well because she:
      • Knew what the market was struggling with
      • Saw how her experiences, passions and talents could help them with that problem
      • Nurtured them so they would know, like, trust and see first hand why Michelle was the right person to help them with it
      • Then she created an offer that would seamlessly answer all of their questions
      • By marketing last she was able to make sure her offer and marketing were in alignment- so she wasn’t attracting the wrong people and wasting time talking about something that was queuing up her offer.


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