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Episode #32: Amplify Your Launch by Mastering Your Messaging with Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards is a business mentor, who specializes in messaging and sales. She helps you communicate your message in a way that stands out from the noise and connects with who you’re there to serve at a deeper level, so that you can make more impact and feel aligned with your offerings.

Amanda has led accounts and sales strategy over the past 15 years working with Fortune 100 Companies, where she has learned that there isn’t a one size fits all recipe for success. And when it comes to sales, there’s no magic script. She’s on a mission to bring the human connection back to business, and leadership into the sales process.

She has created the internationally chart ranking Imperfectly Ambitious Podcast, where you’ll find a lot of real talk around life and business, with the intention to leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and ready to take action.

Amanda and I connected through the amazing Membership Mentor Sam Harris from episode #17 and became fast friends. We’re so in sync with our views on getting clear, taking action and making an impact in our businesses- while still leaving space to be present with our families and as individuals.

So when Amanda told me how she’s supporting mompreneurs with strategic messaging to optimize their launches I was like yep… we need to hear more about this! In our 15 minute teaser IG Live alone she shared  3 tactical messaging tips that bring such relief to your next launch so I am beyond thrilled to go deeper and share her amazingness with you today! 


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