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Episode #14: Mindfulness for Mompreneurs with Jessica Gershman

Jessica Gershman is a certified yoga instructor, a dedicated mindfulness practitioner, the voice behind the Mom, Slow Down! Podcast and the founder of The Zen Mommy. 

As a passionate believer in the power of self-care, Jessica is on a mission to help women realize they can be everything they want to be while ALSO nourishing themselves. Her teachings and tools help you you finally slow down, connect with your body and mind at its core and find aligned balance between your identity as an individual and a mom so you can reach your goals, find that energy you need and enjoy life (with newfound patience) like never before.

I’ve always been drawn to and a proponent of mindfulness (when you think about it it’s the very essence of my mission to be a present + productive mompreneur) so when Jessica and I connected I knew I needed to have her on the podcast to share what this topic is all about, how it can help us reach our goals and what we need to do to bring more mindfulness into our lives.


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