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Episode #12: 3 (Practical) Visualization Hacks

3 practical ways to visualize and manifest your next big goal

Today is a solo episode and I am coming to you to talk about visualization and how it can help you manifest your next big. Specifically, I want to share with you three practical hacks that I have come across because I have realized that I visualize a lot. Part of it, I think is just the innate way that my brain thinks.

When I decide on a goal, I view it in my head almost like a movie…. which is crazy. (And growing up I was told sometimes that my thoughts were a little too out there- a little too movie-like.) But what I’ve realized now as an adult is that I’ve already had some really big wins from visualizing that have gotten me to where I am today.

And right now I’m actually in the process of visualizing the next step in my life. We have visualized all of the houses in our life, which is really interesting. But what I’m trying to visualize now is what’s that next step in my career that can get me to the rest of that lifestyle that I want. The next house that we want, the location that we want, the things that we want in that lifestyle. I can see them clearly.

And I’m gonna talk through how I can see them clearly and how I can go from seeing them to actually making them happen.

There are some pieces though that I want to share with you that I am struggling with visualizing. So I’m hoping that as I walk through these practical hacks with you, we can have an open conversation about tips that you’re doing, things that you do, maybe hacks that you have on your own that have allowed you to reach your goals.

I think I do a really good job at visualizing my lifestyle and making that happen, but sometimes I have a hard time visualizing very specific details for my business. And then making those happen. And so we’re going to talk through and have that candid, open, honest conversation about what I do that works, what I’m working on learning, and we can engage back and forth and try to just help each other.

Cause you know, that’s what I’m all about. I’m sharing what works for me and helps me be more present and productive. And I want to work with you too and help you and you can help me. Let’s help each other here.

But BEFORE we hop into the details I want to put some definitions around manifesting because I went back and forth between that word (which in the name of this episode almost seemed too woo woo) versus “Reaching your goals.”

Here’s why I chose manifesting.


Manifesting is when something is clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment. When something is readily perceived by the senses- especially by the sense of sight. To make something evident or certain by showing or displaying it.

Synonyms for manifesting include: apparent, evident, plain, unmistakable, clear, clear-cut, crystal clear, decided, distinct, unambiguous, obvious, open-and-shut, straightforward, transparent.


Manifest = make happen- it’s the process of when the story that’s already written comes into sight.

I believe that the path is already written- that we’ve seen glimpses of the future, we know in our minds and in our gut what’s going to happen, we’ve heard whispers in our heads of what we should do next.

These two quotes describe it perfectly:

  • Whatever you are looking for is looking for you too. -Saul Williams
  • What you seek is seeking you. -Rumi

So the question then becomes, how do we view that future in our heads and then take that picture and feeling and turn it into our reality?


  1. Clarity
    1. Dream Box Pinterest Board
    2. Mindset
      1. Energy
        1. Go to the places, join the groups and find a community and mentor that brings the energy (and mindset/wisdom) of that next step + goal
        2. A phrase that puts you there
          1. Example: I am a leader for Mompreneurs. It’s my job to guide and support them. I’m worthy. I’m qualified. And I’m just what my ICA needs.
  2. Alignment 
    1. Simple, focused ALIGNED action
      1. 90 day plan
        1. Set a date to achieve each goal
          1. That way when you talk about it you can say on X date I’m going to have this
        2. Patience
        3. Stay focused
        4. Don’t let yourself get distracted
      2. SPEAK IT OUT LOUD- tell people about it
      3. Look at you dream board everyday
      4. Put yourself in those energy places everyday
  3. Recalibrate
    1. Check in with your gut after 90 days or you’ve reached your goal
    2. Get still to better hear your gut: i.e. Meditate, journal etc.
    3. Repeat


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