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Episode #9: Presenting Clearly and Confidently without Stumbling (or Sweating Through It)

Growing up I’ve always been a talker…. Hello! In hindsight that’s why I created a podcast! 

And since then I’ve become known for presenting well and with ease.

I’ve been on LIVE TV at least 10 times (with excitement not fear), I’ve been a guest on Facebook, IG, podcasts etc., I’ve hosted many live and in-person workshops with large crowds, I’ve presented my messages again and again at trade shows and conventions and I’ve created hundreds of recordings myself.

BUT as I’ve been editing and producing my podcast it’s all really come together and I’ve become absolutely lit up. Listening to my guest’s easy breezy conversations transform into clear, concise, powerful…. I’ve got to work with this woman…. presentations has blown me away.

And honestly it’s planted this seed that I need to help guide fellow Mompreneurs in finding their Voice and showing up as the most impactful version of themselves. 

So of course I thought: Why not turn it into a podcast episode??

Today I’ll share not only the mindset + strategies I’ve implemented to help me present as a polished speaker but I’ll also share the edits I make as I’m trimming up the podcast so you can see first hand the difference these tweaks make and how to limit (not trying to be perfect just trying to help you feel more confident) when speaking too.

Let’s get to it and talk about how we can better present based on not only my growth and experiences but what I’ve seen in editing the podcast too.


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