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What would Millionaire me do?

I wanted to go live because:
1. I’m more put together than usual and feel like that should be documented 🤣
2. I said a phrase to myself today “what would millionaire me do?” And it might be just the phrase you need to hear too💕
Millionaire me would:
✨Show up as my best self for a discovery call
✨ Push through the fear of rejection and share an offer I know I can help people with…. Even when I worry “it might not be the right time.”
✨ See the value I bring and how sharing it will allow me to work towards my mission + make an impact
It was a typical Mompreneur rollercoaster of a day but with this mindset, my kid’s laughter and some AMAZING mompreneur clients in my court…. I’m spending the end of my day feeling really grateful for the opportunity this lifestyle gives us 💕
WHAT DID MILLIONAIRE YOU TODAY? Comment on this post and let me know a mindset win you had today or one you’ll work on tomorrow!

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