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Effortlessly Capture Your Social Media Content in a Day

Capture Social Media or Creative Content at Our Studio

We’ve had a lot of interest from photographers, videographers, community leaders, and marketing teams reaching out recently because they’re looking at our creative space to capture social media content. Our creative haven offers this amazing opportunity for you to host your own Content Days.

What a Creative Content Day Looks Like

creative meeting space near cleveland

Booking our space for a creative or social media content day, is as simple as bringing yourself, potentially your community and your creative ideas into our studio

This might look like bringing in a videographer, photographer, marketing team or fellow business besties into a single room rental. Or it could look like hosting a ticketed event by booking a full day full studio, and then bringing people in to use their skills.

Whether it’s taking capturing pictures, videos, audio or marketing content, like sharing tips, how tos, or tutorials – hosting a content day in our studio offers you a quiet, creative and ready-to-go space to capture and batch record your content. 

We Offer Different Vignettes to Shoot

When you book the whole studio, you have access to different vignettes (and different rooms with doors that can close to accommodate a larger group), and it also allows the your group the flexibility to break out and work together. This means having different spaces that you can go to to get different shots.

Because we offer 4 different rooms each with different spaces to capture content, you have a lot of variety so that it doesn’t also look like you’re posting or using the same few things or the same few spaces over and over again. In our space we have 
over 11 different vignettes that are already set up and ready to go. You can literally just sit down, record, and move on to another space.

We Offer A Distraction-Free Space

Instead of trying to capture content at home or at the office, Mompreneur Co. Studio offers a creative, distraction free space equipped with high-quality audio gear, cameras, and light boxes in a fresh, vibey space.

We Offer a Space to Create Intentionally

Setting aside a time and space to capture social media content allows you to also come in and be really intentional. You’ll be focused on getting this work done, batching out your content like videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube ShortsWe also off a space (and the equipment needed) to record podcast episodes or longer form content.

We Offer Space for Collaboration + Networking Opportunities

During your content day, especially if you bring your community in, you will not only walk away with batched social media or creative content, but you will also have a chance to connect and collaborate.

If you’re booking our space for a ticketed event – then collaboration is baked right in. Different participants might film each other or get in each other’s shots and conversations, so their b-roll or content isn’t always just of themselves. 

If you are a videographer or a photographer hosting a content day, then you have an opportunity to join in on the collaboration with mentorship or your services. 

Or maybe you’re looking to focus on a networking event? You can confidently host and invite new people into your world in our full studio space too.


We Offer Flexible Booking Options 

Book a single room for a half day or full day session and host your own solo content batching retreat or rent out the whole studio for you and your group.

It’s been really fun to share our creative space where we are creating our content with you.

Whether you need a space to record a webinar, a room for your next meeting, you want to record a season of your podcast, or you want to batch record Reels in a quiet, distraction-free space, we’re happy to open our doors to you.

Ready to batch record your social media content?

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