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Why Launching my Podcast on Substack was so much easier than on the big platforms

As a producer, studio owner, and creator myself, I feel like podcasting has gotten wayyyy overcomplicated over the last few years. That’s why I’m so grateful Substack has opened my eyes to a more authentic, seamless way to create.

Ever since I started creating here 2 months ago, my podcast of 2.5 years has been forever changed- and so has our clients.

Now instead of overproducing, creating for consistency’s sake to keep on a “show” schedule, and having to do it how everyone else is, I:

  1. Live journal my thoughts or interview a guest > through video or audio

  2. Upload it

  3. Copy and paste the transcript from my editing platform (Descript) into the post

  4. Clean it up so it reads like a blog

  5. Share it

And my people not only actually see my content BUT they can engage with it too!

Producing shows used to look like:

  1. 90-minute calls matching content with a linear business strategy in mind (still helpful- just not the be all end all)

  2. Hours setting up other platforms and marketing channels to share each episode

  3. Pressure-filled calendars we “needed to keep to” to “keep up”

  4. A hamster wheel of recording

Now producing a show looks like:

  • Answering: What’s the mission/why/philosophy of your life and work? What do YOU want to say and create?

  • And then recording based on that

Which means our shows have become more than just podcasts:

  • They’re like living multimedia magazines that allow people to consume deeper content how they want when they want

  • They’re flexible, from video to audio to writing, whatever way we feel like sharing

  • We can shift from what everyone else wants from us to what we feel called to share AND GET PAID for it!

I can’t speak more highly of this space

If you’ve had the intuitive nudge that now’s the time to podcast- consider tuning in to see if bringing it to life here feels as aligned for you as it has for me and my clients🌿

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