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how to record a podcast with podcast production studio in Cleveland, OH

Bring Your Podcast

to life.

Start a podcast in a seamless + simple way

You’ve felt this intuitive nudge that now’s the time to start a podcast. Let your creation be fun and easy — you show up and talk about the topic you love and we’ll take care of the rest.

two women recording in a Cleveland-based podcast production studio


But in an effort to put out "perfect" content + "keep up" online- the podcast production process has been overcomplicated.

Not at Mompreneur Co.- our process is so easy you won’t want to stop creating.

We’re going back to basics- exchanging the old social assembly line for a slow, intentional way of sharing your message.

(Which is actually the exact thing that gets you discovered by your ideal clients.)

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First, we'll organize + align all the ideas swirling around your head with your business goals.

Podcast production: iPhone recording two women recording a podcast in Cleveland


Then we'll guide you on how to record in a fun and conversational way.
(No extra fluff or tech overwhelm here!)

Cleveland podcast production studio founder Megan Moran


Lastly, we'll teach you how to edit your episode and share it on our favorite platform (Substack) so you can build a community that cares.

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Here's why we like it more than the big names...

First and foremost, Substack is an email newsletter platform, simply add your email list + they’ll get notified when you put out an episode. Because it’s also a platform, new listeners can find you + your archive of posts, comment on your episode, read it and even pay you for more content. Not to mention it still connects to Spotify + Apple. 

(Never used it? I literally can’t stop talking about it – let’s chat and I’ll tell you more!)

Start a Podcast from Anywhere!


Right on Main St. in the storybook village of Chagrin Falls, OH

Whether you’re a local or traveling to record, our Cleveland-based space is designed for you to breathe and create.

Record from home

We'll help you set it up just right

Recording in person does have it’s perks but so does at home in your cozy space too. We can support you in both environments.

Our Packages

We like to create custom packages to meet your needs

High level, here’s how we can support you:

Podcast Consulting: Starting at $697

Launch Your Podcast VIP Day: $2997 (Learn More Here)

Cleveland podcast production studio

Hey there- We're the Morans!

Megan and Collin (Plus Jack and Sophia too!) and we’re the owners here at Mompreneur Co. As parents, podcast producers and fellow podcasters ourselves- we know what it’s like to have a potent message you’re called to spread. That’s why we’re all about finding the essence of your message and getting it out everywhere.

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