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Episode #25: 8-Hour Work Week Schedule with Holly Haynes

You are going to love this episode because we’re talking about simplifying your schedule so you can be more present + productive.

Today, I have Holly Haynes with me and she helps female entrepreneurs take back control of their time with proven productivity techniques, systems, and structures to create a business strategy that scales long-term and I know we are all about that.

An industry expert, host of the Crush the Rush Podcast (featured in Thrive and Entrepreneur,) Holly is also an author with 20 years business consulting experience fortune 500 companies.

Now she runs her own strategic coaching business and the Crush the Rush planner company, while also raising her twin daughters with her husband in Columbus, Ohio.

We share our Ohio location together, which is extra fun. But Holly and I actually met on Instagram. We became quick friends. She has already done an amazing Instagram live on my page to get us ready for this podcast episode. And in 15 minutes, she started to share this amazing eight hour work week schedule that she is going to share with us today in more depth to really provide you with some relief so you can start doing less.

So that you can make a bigger impact in our business, while also having more time to do the other things that you want to do.


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