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97. Swapping Your Over-Achieving Mindset for a Richer Life with Michelle Rios

How extraordinary does your life feel right now? Yes there are the toddler tantrums, teenage carpool or mom life struggles on top of the ups and downs of mompreneurship….. but overall, would you say your life is JOY filled or just fine?

Today’s episode with Michelle Rios is all about redefining our overachiever tendencies and learning how to replace what we feel we “should” do with what feels blissful for us.

That’s why in today’s episode we talked through: 

  • How Michelle went from burning out on overachieving to living a spacious, extraordinary life
  • The moment everything changed for her
  • And how you can redefine your relationship with success and productivity too

If you’re a mompreneur who’s craving more connection with herself (+ some strategic tips to live the life of your dreams) then this chat we had is for YOU!

Learn more about Michelle:


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