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104. What Does a Mom Look Like? with Sarah Marie Bilger

My friend @sarah_marie_bilger of the @entering_motherhood and I were recently chatting about mom life when she shared a powerful statement with me. 👇🏻

“My mom passed when I was 9. So when my first child, my daughter, was born 20 years later so much disconnect came up for me. I went into motherhood thinking: What does being a Mom look like? Who am I? Who should I be? What do I want to be? I have memories of me and my mom, but it’s not those long lasting ones. And it left me thinking: How can I ensure that she’s going to remember me? What parts of me do I want to pass down to her?”

Her story stopped me in my tracks because this is SUCH a big, important conversation, intentional mompreneurs like us like to and need to have.💕

So in this part Business Chat + part Mom Chat and we got really honest…

Sarah shared: 

  • What being a mom looks like to her
  • What she wants to pass down to her kids
  • And how navigating generational relationships can make the next generation that much stronger

If you’re a mompreneur who’s craving more connection with herself (+ the mom she wants to be) then this chat we had is for YOU!

Learn more about Sarah:



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