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116. The Art of Meaningful Gift-Giving with Bethany First

Bethany First

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Professional gift-wrapper and gift-giver extraordinaire Bethany First is in studio today, sharing everything you never knew you needed to know about gifts! We’re talking gifts for all kinds of occasions and all kinds of people; friends, family, clients, or anyone else who makes an impact in our lives.

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She shares her creative process for gift selection, wrapping, and making the unwrapping an event and experience in and of itself. We also go deep below the surface-level “here, I got this for you” to uncover what a gift really means when it comes to connecting, communicating, and building relationships with the people we care about.

Plus she tells us the path that brought her to start Revere Gift-Wrapping & Paperie and what she’s done to help it take off, plus the story of the most meaningful gift she’s ever helped someone give.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

[03:27] Bethany takes us down the path that led her to start her gift-wrapping business. Later on she tells us why she named it “Revere” and not “Impress.”

[07:45] We talk about how much we love giving and how we’re opening ourselves up to the other end of the experience — receiving. We also got into how lately I’ve loved giving experiences (like activities or girls nights together) instead of physical gifts, and Bethany shared her thoughts on how that’s what gift-giving is on some level; the experience of opening the gift can be as exciting as the gift itself. She gave some pointers on how she likes to wrap “experience” gifts that I’m definitely stealing for next time! And she tells a touching story about the most meaningful gift she’s delivered yet.

[15:38] The joy of getting a new garbage truck, or even just seeing one on the street — what we learn from our kids when it comes to gifts. The excitement and appreciation they have for so many things, plus reminding ourselves that was once us and can still be us!

[17:32] Bethany’s bespoke creative “un-process.” When a client knows exactly what they want, she loves creating within the clear constraints, but is there a tradeoff in having less space to grow and explore? It’s initially trickier when she only has a words to go off of, but the total creative freedom lets her venture into new territory.

[22:55] Bethany touches on her venture into special events, where she’s designing the flow of an event and curating the feeling of “welcome in.” We make the point here that all of this is more than surface-level planning and gifting, it’s about the deeper connections, communication, and relationships.

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Bethany First, owner of Revere gift-wrapping & paperie, is a lifelong Clevelander devoted to creating connection and relationships throughout the community. She is a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend… and her favorite title: Mother to Teddy.

In her pursuit for creative freedom and growth, Bethany has explored a number of artistic avenues; from painting to photography, she most enjoys the craft of creative and intuitive implementation of detail in all that she does.

The reverence behind gift-giving, alongside the artisan vision to make a lasting impression, sparked excitement within Bethany. Thus, Revere was born! From gift wrapping to hand lettering to event design, Bethany likes to adorn all that she does with tiny details.


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Professional gift-wrapper and gift-giver extraordinaire Bethany First shares everything you never knew you needed to know about gift giving!
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