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95. Take the Guilt Out of Taking Leave w/ Alyson Caffrey

Maternity leave on the mind? Thinking about taking some time away from your business to vacation or just be? You might be craving this space while also totally freaking out about how to make it happen… so let me introduce you to Alyson Caffrey of Master Maternity Leave!

Alyson is not only a mom to two young sons (Frank, 2.5 years and Jack, 1 year) but she’s also the founder of two businesses: Operations Agency + Master Maternity Leave. She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs prep for a massive shift in life and business.

Which is why this episode was all about: 

  • Our experiences taking maternity leave for both of our pregnancies
  • Demystifying your leave experience
  • And the growth opportunity, stepping away from your business with the right systems can bring

My favorite takeaway👇🏻
Remember planning gives you structure to breathe 🧘‍♀️
Consistent checkins ensure you’re always designing what’s right for you 🔥

If you’re a mompreneur who’s craving more connection with herself (+ some strategic tips to designing a leave of your dreams) then this chat we had is for YOU!

Learn more about Alyson:


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