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What is Substack and why it’s a game changer (especially for podcasting)

Cleveland podcast production studio founder Megan Moran

We’re jumping feet first into Substack, and before we invite you along for the journey, we want to share more about what is Substack, how it works, and share why using Substack is a gamer changer for mompreneurs + podcasters like you.

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What is Substack?

If you’re new to Substack, you’re in the right place.  Substack is an archivable email newsletter platform where business owners, creators and writers can connect and grow their audiences while also getting paid to write. Instead of creating content for social platforms (and based on what does well there), Substack allows its writers and creators to create how they want using any medium they choose: audio, video, text, and more.  Substack allows you to publish content in the form you are comfortable creating to grow your network through free and paid subscriptions.

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Why we created a Substack?

As consumers, Substack is amazing because we can intentionally subscribe and consume the content we’re interested in in one spot. Versus in email where the information is cluttered amongst our other work and personal messages. Plus our brains simply don’t want to consume that type of content in that location. 

As business owners and podcast hosts, we love having a space where we can *really* build community, interact with each other thoughtfully and intentionally, and share the work we’re doing- not to mention the space itself is so much less noisy. 

So when we came across it through a slow-living podcast we follow, we thought it was so cool to have a “blog” hosted on one platform where people are already hanging out.

Substack offers deep connection

Cleveland podcast production studio founder Megan Moran

Another reason why we’re choosing Substack is because it offers a deeper connection to your audience. 


1. You not only show up in their email inboxes but more importantly, you can meet them in the app (or on their private podcast feed) when it’s convenient for them. You can comment, share, and connect in the community ON THE ACTUAL PIECE OF CONTENT. This is unlike your traditional podcasting platform that doesn’t have a comment feature, or email where you can only have a 1:1 conversation or social where you typically direct people away from that app to consume the full content.

2. With Substack you can create deeper content too. No more creating based on what’s trending on the social platforms now. No more feeling limited to a few characters. You can create and say and play with what works for you and your audience.

3. And all of this can be done thoughtfully, intentionally, and in whatever timeframe you want all in one place – DEEPER vs. frantic and wider.

It’s slow living just through a marketing lens- aka feminine business or feminine marketing. Best described as discoverability vs. visibility

It’s all about: how do we show up as our authentic selves, and create deep connections, not only with ourselves, our message, and our family, but the people that are around us like our ideal clients and our community.

And, how do we do that in a way that attracts the people to us – that’s more in the feminine, less in the masculine.

That allows us to slowly live and be and feel alive, in a way that feels good to us.

Substack supports podcasting

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As podcast hosts, we’re already creating potent content that we want people to see. We put it on our blog and then also, distill it down for Instagram carousels or Reels, so people have a space they can comment and connect with it. But it feels like a siloed and disjointed way to create when instead this one thoughtful piece can really fuel all the things that you do.

Substack is email marketing you actually want to consume

Megan Moran working at Mompreneur Co. Podcast Production Studio

As a business owners, we always hear email marketing is SO important. But the problem I’ve always had with it is: email is the place where things go to die for me. 

When I see newsletters in my inbox oftentimes I just hit delete.

But what I’ve come to learn with Substack is there is this beautiful opportunity to email market in a more user-friendly way.

It’s email marketing but in a way that we want to consume it, an archive so new followers can binge the potent messages we’ve already created AND it offers community. Which made me think to myself: “Wow, this is that thing that brings it all together.”

Another game-changer feature is the % read marker. As you’re reading a piece of content, it remembers where you left off. So when your kids inevitably need you and you need to set the article down and go back two days later to finish it – boom! You know where to go. It’s such a supportive feature to have and a beautiful piece of the puzzle that I’ve also noticed brings me back to the app before heading to social – I’m consuming more intentionally and sometimes simply less.

It's email marketing but in a way that we want to consume it, an archive so new followers can binge the potent messages we’ve already created AND it offers community . Which made me think to myself: “Wow, this is that thing that brings it all together.”

What you can expect from “Tuning in” to this Substack

Mompreneurs podcasting
photo: Bianca Lea Morra

In our new Substack, Tuning In, will be a place for community, a place where we can actually converse about the topic we’re discussing on the podcast, which has been something that’s missing from the podcasting space. 

Right now, you could have a beautiful conversation on your podcast, and then you have to say: go meet me somewhere else, and that’s where only a percentage of people will see your content and join in on it.

Tuning In is this platform that I’ve wanted to create for our listeners and our community.

And so this is why, as a business owner, as a mom, as a consumer, and as a creator- I’ve fallen in love with this concept of Substack. And I’m just so excited to get to play with it, not only for ourselves but for our clients and community as well. To be able to see where this platform can take us in a very intentional way.

Topics we'll cover in our Substack

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I want to be here as a mirror, as a reflector and allow you to connect with your inner knowing just as I am in my mompreneur journey, and I also want to help you find a new way of thinking. Some of our core values include truth, limitless living, endless possibilities, and ease. And so you’re going to feel that in everything that we do.

These are the types of conversations and topics we’re going to talk about in a business lens, in a mom lens, really ‘tuning in’ with why are we doing the things that we’re doing. 

In the community, we are going to explore slow living (which I’m on a journey towards,) really thinking about mindful momprenuership (aka: Are we showing up intentionally? Are we supporting ourselves, our family, and our schedule in the way we want to?) And in doing so, that also leads to this concept of feminine business/feminine marketing.

Lastly, we will also be sharing our journey into familypreneurship, as we bring Collin full-time into the business and unschooling our kids.

Mother with children
photo: Bianca Lea Morra

Mom life and entrepreneurship life – they go hand in hand. Each of these aspects influences one another, so we’re really excited to share in this community.

Most often, you can expect to hear me hop on the mic and share my “ahas” from the day that fall into these categories of slow living, mindful mompreneurship, and feminine marketing strategies, and I’ll prompt you to do the same. 

Obviously, there’s a beautiful play on words with: “Tuning In,” as podcast studio owners, podcast producers, and a podcast host myself – so we’ll be hitting on those topics too.

Mompreneur with children behind podcast mic
photo: Bianca Lea Morra

Ultimately, I really want to provide this community, Substack for moms like me, who want to:

  • Do life differently
  • Have a positive growth mindset
  • Live slowly
  • Follow their dreams and passions
  • To be around for the moments with their kids but also do what they love to do
  • Who want to support others and spread and share their messages
  • And who want to truly feel alive in the moments of their day

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Looking for an alternative to email marketing? Here’s why you should consider Substack as a podcaster and mompreneur.
Looking for an alternative to email marketing? Here’s why you should consider Substack as a podcaster and mompreneur.
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