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Why Podcasting Has Made Our Marketing Easy

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Our podcasting why has taken an interesting shift over the years- especially since now we started diving into Substack. That’s why we’re answering the question ‘Why podcasting’ and unpacking how podcasting has become the Swiss army knife that allows our business to thrive (and my mind and content creation process to stay simple and authentic.)

Why podcasting is our preferred platform

When I started my podcast 2.5 years ago, the focus was all on: “I’ve got something I want to share” and my favorite way to share it is by talking. 

At that point I had just left my styling business of 10 years behind, was coming back from maternity leave with 2 under 2, and stood at this precipice- unsure exactly how I wanted to support people in my newest business. 

So I figured, I’m going to use podcasting as a way to meet new people, have more conversations, build an audience and let them tell me what they want more of.

Podcasting has given me all of that and more. It’s the whole reason we have a studio. It’s the reason we support clients with launching and producing podcasts and why we encourage them (if you have something to say) to get behind the mic and share it.

Two women recording a podcast in a Cleveland-based studio

My original why has certainly served me up until now but I’ve noticed a shift in myself lately. I’ve been reworking what “podcasting” means to me these days— and Substack has certainly helped shift that definition too.

My answer for “Why podcasting” now is twofold: It’s not only become a way for me to better connect with my thoughts, message, and community but it also has become my most potent business tool that makes spreading that message a whole heck of a lot easier.

Podcasting is not just another platform that can “get more eyes on what we do,” but instead it’s an action, a tool I use to share what I have to say in a very authentic and conversational way. It’s been invaluable, and a gentler way of running my business.

We use podcasting to save time sharing our message

why podcasting

I’ve always been a person who can verbally explain better than I can write. I’m a good enough writer, but for me, it’s just so much more labor intensive. What I can spend 15 minutes verbally explaining would take me at least two hours to write. 

Podcasting gives me a platform where I can hop on, share authentically and conversationally, and then with ease, transcribe that audio and translate it into the other places I want to show up (i.e. Substack, Blog, Pinterest, Instagram– if I’m feeling it.)

It’s been invaluable + a gentler way of running my business. – wherever I want to show up.

We use podcasting to discover our ideal audience

When I started the Mompreneur Guide podcast, my answer to why podcasting was all about the community, conversation and connection with other people. And our show definitely delivered on this front. With 127+ interviews, podcasting by collaborating with other likeminded thought leaders has exposed us to new audiences and so many amazing mompreneurs who have since joined our community.

That collaborative through line is still a main focus for us even 2.5 years later. We wouldn’t be podcast producers with our own podcast studio without it. Guest interviews, audience sharing and using that direct access to grow and communicate with our community has built our business in such a fulfilling way.

We use podcasting to write valuable content (without having to actually write it)

One way I’ve been using podcasting as a tool is I record behind the mic, copy the transcription, paste it in Substack, and rewrite it so that it reads more like a blog post.

During the rewrite process, certain things I take out and certain things I might add, but for the most part when you read it, it feels like I’m talking to you. Something I could never emulate or capture if I tried to write it first. 

I want to give the caveat of if you are a person who is a writer first, then take what I’m saying and flip it on its head. Be a writer first, and then speak your writing, so that it can be more accessible to other people. 

But if you’re like me and finding speaking easier, I recommend podcasting first the next time that you’re creating content.

why podcasting

Sample Podcast Content Workflow

– Brainstorm ideas for content or feel into your biggest aha from the day
– Record podcast
– Edit as needed in your preferred platform (Descript is our favorite editing software)

– Download the transcript and edit for written content.
– Share the post to Substack as both a podcast and post, edit that post as a blog for your website, create pins for Pinterest for that post, use the transcription and title to make a Reel or Carousel, and use your spoken words to write your caption.

The great thing about Substack is people can listen or read the post AND comment there. Filling the missing gap in the podcasting space where you can only list but not converse on the topic or fully read more. In Substack, you can do it all comment right on the post. (What is Substack? And why it’s a game changer in podcasting)

We use podcasting because of its versatility for listeners

Traditionally, you’re either a podcast host with listeners or you write blogs and you’re a writer. I’ve recently redefined podcasting as an action to get my message out there instead of just a platform. And with that I’ve used it to do both- write and record to share. Working with my strengths as a creator and saving myself time as a mom.

The best part of it all? More people get to consume my message because when they show up in the moment, if they want to listen— they can listen. And if they want to read— they can read.

We all know as moms, there are times when we just can’t pop our headphones in— but we could look at our phone and read a little bit or vice versa. 

I think that’s a missing gap in the podcasting space right now. You show up and only give people a little: description, an overview, a teaser— because you want them to listen for the downloads. But there’s a disconnect there, right? Our end goal isn’t downloads- it’s to get the information out there to our people.

Feeling that intuitive nudge to check podcasting off your bucket list? Let's bring your show to life. We take care of everything you’d expect — like technology, editing, and turning an episode into multiple pieces of content- as well as all the pieces you aren’t anticipating.

We use podcasting to create discoverable content

Discoverable content is a game changer. Instead of joining the stream of marketing noise, we let our message work for us- showing up where our ideal clients are when they’re searching for help with exactly what we do. 

Creating discoverable content looks like:

– Feeling into what I’m called to share, what clients are asking about, or a common thread I’m seeing in our industry

– Optimizing that topic through SEO keyword research

– Speaking those thoughts into the mic

– Transcribing that content

– Putting it in SEO optimized spaces so when people search- we come up

When podcasting becomes the one thing you focus on, you can streamline your creation, giving it 100% and then from there it transforms into multiple pieces of content – a podcast, blog post, Pinterest pins, a Substack post, and social media content. 

It takes the pressure off not only the masculine, hamster wheel of content creation but it also makes putting your message in a variety of places simple. Instead the content works for you. 


While I’m not a huge fan of social media – I do see an opportunity. You can take the title of what you post in Substack or on your blog post (originally written from a podcast)  and turn it into a video for Reels or TikTok.  Let people get hooked from there to click, read, and learn more about how they can tune in or subscribe.

Additionally, you can use  your written content and turn it into a carousel-style post:

From a written blog post, you can choose a topic and use a hook to engage and educate your audience.

Why podcasting changed our marketing plan

My encouragement for you is: podcasting doesn’t have to be a whole thing. Instead, think of it as the one thing you’re doing really well that does everything else for you.

Podcasting has transformed the way we’ve marketed our business. It has allowed me to save so much time and feel more connected with my message. And by creating this deeper content, it allows me to do less while running a more slow, feminine business.

Before I redefined podcasting for myself, I was questioning: “Why am I even creating content? Why am I showing up? Why am I doing this?” Because I felt like I was stuck on a content hamster wheel and fire hosing my audience with constant information and draining myself in the process.

While I’d love to have conversations- it’s nice to be able to do that without feeling like I always have to be on. Offering deeper content and offering true conversations with people is my favorite thing about podcasting. 

Podcasting allows you to not feel like you have to firehose people with information. It lets you be selective about what feels good to have a conversation about, so you can authentically show up and chat about the things you want to talk about. Sharing and spreading your message in a way that feels good to your audience and to you as a creator.  

We use podcasting to create art

Journaling has uncovered so much for me- especially with my relationship to podcasting. A main takeaway being: this is an art form. This message is my legacy and I want to share it.  I can show up and share it in a way that feels a lot better than a forced hamster wheel.

Since uncovering my new why and this new connection that podcasting is art for me, I’ve found creating content to be life giving. It’s been so supportive and exciting because I’ve been feeling that from you guys, too. I feel excited about this next season and feel supported by my listeners and readers like you.

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We’re answering the question, ‘Why podcasting’ and unpacking how podcasting has become a valuable tool that allows our business to thrive.
We’re answering the question, ‘Why podcasting’ and unpacking how podcasting has become a valuable tool that allows our business to thrive.
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